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About us

SCAM MARINE: reliable partner, reliable product!


The company employs 50 highly qualified employers with abilities in design, development, manufacture, installation, commissioning, training and service maintenance.

We are constantly present with our products and services worldwide.

Our mission is to satisfy each client by providing the highest quality solutions for their projects.

Using the knowledge, competence and experience of our employees and constantly investing in quality with goal to become a recognized partner in the regional and world market in the field of fishing industry, mariculture, ecology, providing services in the development of solutions for better and more operational business.

The areas of our activity are:

marine engines , generators, deck equipment , steering systems , propulsion systems , hydraulic systems , fishing equipment, environmental protection , machining , various engineering projects .

We understand the maritime industry and the needs of our customers, with proven experience in providing innovative value-added solutions. Our expertise and craft are often needed by industry when developing new standards and regulations.

Shipbuilders, fishermen, owners and operators can improve the profitability, safety, reliability and environmental sustainability of their operations by working in close cooperation with Scam Marine.

Providing the support in research and development, design, production and equipping of vessels, multifunctional small and medium-sized fishing boats as well as complicated mariculture systems.

As a company with many years of experience in the maritime program, we can also offer education and training for users of our products as well as organized education in partnership with educational institutions.

Many years of experience and proven performance in the industry allow us to deliver solutions that meet the high requirements and criteria of our clients.

Our vision, together with our dedication, excellence and professionalism, takes us forward.


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